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Our Story

Our family has been living with reindeer in Tromsø for hundreds of years. Although the technology may have changed, our way of life remains the same.


We wish to share these traditions with you and leave you with a greater understanding of our culture and history. We also want you to have fun and experience the joys of being close to the reindeer, the feeling of coming in from the cold into a warm lavvu to the smells of traditional Sami cooking and the sight of the log fire. All this, while surrounded by the sounds of traditional joiking and stories, is an experience we hope you will never forget.


These rituals are something that we enjoy and it is our pleasure and aim to share this with our guests.


We look forward to welcoming you into our world.


The Oskal Family

Family at the reindeer camp Tromso
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Interviews, blog posts & articles of Tromsø Arctic Reindeer:

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